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Photography works reflect the beauty of everyday life in Yemen, away from the weight of war.


Photography Basics Course

A training course for our Social Pages fans about Photography Basics and Images Editing


The Story of a Human

Sanaa - yemen


Looking For The Truth

Beirut, Lebanon


Yemen Art Base


This is where yemeni artists and talents gather.


Performing Art

  • We believe in the power of expression and strive to present performances that are meaningful and fun. Our community is designed to entertain audiences and enlighten performers. Have a journey through performing art or be part of it.


Music Art

  • Our mission is to expand the art of music to support more artists and art in the world. We think the best way to show our music art story is to show yours. Feature your work on our platform and let music lovers know more about you and your works.


Design Art

  • Whether you’re a student, designer, design art enthusiast, or collector, yemen art base offers a variety of additional ways to learn about art and design, and to find people who is looking for your designs.


is the first database for Yemeni artists both inside Yemen and abroad in the field of photography, filmmaking, art, designing, cooking, plastic arts, Performing arts, handicrafts, music, …etc. It aims to enable artists to display their works and enable all people to display artists’ works and contact them directly.


YEMEN ART BASE has been established to be the first database for all Yemeni artists and to provide all contact details needed to enable people to contact Yemeni artists from any place worldwide, and also to provide better opportunities for Yemeni artists to improve their works up to international standards.

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Yemen Art Base established to be the first platform for all Yemeni artists. It will be the source of providing all the fundamental details to reach Yemeni artists all over the world, as well as providing them with a better and wider opportunity of spreading their art to the world
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